Kemil Beltre
Sep 17, 2023


Even good content needs clickbait.

Attention means money.

Scrolling on social media, watching videos, streams, etc. Means money for creators and companies, and usually a waste of time for you.

So, waste your time or not. They want you there.

Your time is the most valuable asset you have.

Your time is more valuable than money because you can use your time to earn money, but you cannot use money to buy more time.

Everything is designed to make you click and stay even if the content you are consuming is pure trash.

So, why you should give away your most valuable asset for nothing?

The next time you consume something on the internet, ask yourself:

Was this trade-off worth it?

Use the Internet as a tool, no as a way to scape the real world. Get out, spend time with the people you love.

Enjoy life.