Introduction to Data Structures

Algorithms and Data Structures From Zero to Hero

In computer science, a data structure is a data organisation, management, and storage format that is usually chosen for efficient access to data. — Wikipedia

The choice of a good data structures will allow the algorithm to manipulate the data efficiently

What is Data Structure, and Why do I Need to Learn It?

Data Structures are nothing but “meaningful” arrangements of data that algorithms can use to solve any particular problem!

Characteristics of Data Structures

These data structures are often categorised into two groups based on their structures:

  • Linear Data Structure: This characteristic arranges the data in sequential order, such as arrays, graphs etc.
  • Non-Linear Data Structure: Static data structures have fixed formats and sizes along with memory locations. The static characteristic shows the compilation of the data.

Advantages of Data structures

  • They facilitate greater processing speeds. Large amounts of data require faster processing, and data structures help organise the data into forms that are easier to work with and process.
  • They make it easier to search for data. Data structures organise information into workable forms that are easier to conduct required searches for.
  • They are reusable. Once you implement a given data structure, it can be used anywhere. There is no need to make a new structure. This function saves time and resources.
  • They make it easy to handle multiple requests. You rarely find a single user accessing a database. Instead, it’s common to have hundreds, if not thousands, of users searching and interacting with a database. Data structures arrange information so that users don’t have to search every item — they can instantly search just the required data.


In the following articles you will see more details about lineal and non-linear Data Structures.



Sometimes I write about technical topics and sometimes about what I feel like.

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Kemil Beltre

Sometimes I write about technical topics and sometimes about what I feel like.